VIFAL specialise in design and visualisation, for all metal components and assemblies. Using more than a decade’s worth of experience VIFAL works with numerous small businesses across the UK; in the Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Architectural industries, to name a few. Our aim is to help businesses develop their products and visualise their ambitions, by offering a cost effective service that enables them to develop their products before a single tube is welded or a sheet is cut. We deliver detailed drawings and images in accurate and reliable timescales to suit you, to be used for your own in-house needs or to enable items to be contracted to another specialist. By offering this as a freelance service, this saves you and your business both time and money as an alternative to in house staff.
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  • Product development with full details.
  • Electronics and wire diagrams of components.
  • In house or industrial use.
  • Technical drawings for engineering.

  • Components

  • To gain quotations of parts by manufactures.
  • Show full detail of even the smallest item.
  • The individual component of an assembly.
  • For turned parts or laser cuts.

  • Assembly's

  • To plan assemblies and installations.
  • Help create a full quotation by showing complete construction.
  • Check for clearance and fouling of parts.
  • Used to show combinations and instruction.

  • Visualisations

  • Our services produce high detail computer modelling
  • Visualise what you indent to produce
  • help communicate your ideas with image representations.
  • Use to sell an idea to an investor.

  • Welding and fabrication of complex components
    Tig welding sheet metal and full penetration high pressure components.

    No experience in production, but want to start your own project?
    VIFAL Visual Falcon
    Founded by Jeremy Falconer in 2014, VIFAL use more than a decade of steel work and shop floor experience to create bespoke CAD designs for businesses throughout the UK. Beginning his career in small specialist engineering companies, he began working with a variety of welding tools and machining processes. Originally studying Art at college in Derby, Jeremy developed an exceptional awareness in interpreting three dimensional objects, particular in his favourite media of metal. With the support of skilled advisers and contacts, he was able to launch VIFAL.
    Multiple Axis machining for hygien componants
    Maching low ferite materials using G code CNC software. To tight ID tollerances of 3 microns